trends | interior design trends for 2014

 from the off duty section of the 28-29 december 2013 wall street journal newspaper...
the top ten interior design trends for 2014...

1 | ikat patterns
 ikat patterned upholstery | living room | dallas, TX | interior design by KK | photo credit max kim-bee | veranda | january/february 2012

2 | white kitchens
 white kitchen | montreal, canada | design by anne sophie goneau | photo credit adrien williams | contemporist | 11 november 2013

3 | woodland creature motifs
resin squirrels mounted on the hall walls | hotel paradox | santa cruz, CA | interior design by david oldroyd ODADA (orlando diaz-azcuy design associates) | photo credit matthew millman | interior design | 1 january 2013

4 | books as decor
living room | southampton, NY | interior design by cynthia frank with haynes-roberts | photo credit simon upton | elle decor.com

5 | the 'belgian look' 
sitting area | algarve, portugal | interior design by axel vervoordt | photo credit laziz hamani | architectural digest | september 2013

1 | macrame wall hangings
knotted cotton rope curtain | michael schmidt | 2009 | lobby | ace hotel | palm springs, CA | photo credit michael schmidt studios

2 | sheer window coverings
sheer window coverings | dining room | southampton, NY | interior design by shelton, mindel & associates | photo credit michael moran | architectural digest | november 2005

3 | corduroy upholstery
corduroy upholstery on the interior of the wing chairs | family room | chicago, IL | interior design by melanie elston | photo credit werner straube | traditionalhome.com

4 | marbled patterns
fornasetti collection malachite wallpaper by cole & sons | powder room | new york, NY | interior design by nate berkus | photo credit pieter estersohn | architectural digest | november 2012

5 | 'art deco' colors
could it be coincidental that orchid is the pantone color of the year for 2014? 
dining room | san francisco, CA | interior design by orlando diaz-azcuy | photo credit nathan kirkman | interiors | october/november 2009

 i think that the following interior design trends are also noteworthy...

 1 | edited interiors
'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.' 
-leonardo da vinci (1452-1519)
reception room | new wardour castle | tisbury, wiltshire, united kingdom | design by john pawson | furniture by nigel tuersley | photo credit bill batten | world of interiors | october 2004

2 | classic furnishings used in a modern way
'fashion fades, only style remains the same.'
-coco chanel (1883-1971)
 classic chinese horseshoe backed chairs | living room | new york, NY | interior design by vicente wolf | photo credit pieter estersohn | architectural digest | july 2012

3 | relaxed, comfortable, flexible spaces
'...comfort is perhaps the ultimate luxury.'
-billy baldwin (1903-1983) courtyard | dallas, TX | interior design by square foot studio | photo credit max kim-bee | veranda.com

4 | colorful accents
'color is a matter of taste and sensitivity.'
-edouard manet (1832-1883)  
colorful accent tables | cote d'azur, france | interior design by axel vervoordt | photo credit laziz hamani | axel vervoordt | living with light

wishing you a noteworthy new year!
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color | orchid | pantone color of the year

radiant orchid 

color authority pantone, has named radiant orchid the color of the year for 2014.  pantone, a division of x-rite, provides professional color standards for the design industries.

leatrice eiseman, executive director of the pantone color institute® associates orchid, which has purple, fushcia, and pink undertones, with creativity and originality.

wendy donahue, a chicago tribune newspaper columnist, describes the pantone color of the year as 'one part cultural indicator and one part marketing forecast.'  

so from a marketing perspective, the color orchid could appeal to fashion conscious, tech savvy, 20-30 year old consumers because they value creativity and originality.

would you describe 'it' colors, such as orchid, or other fashion trends, such as 'it' handbags or 'it' shoes, as individualist?  or, as conformist?

 manolo blahnik | bb suede pointed toe flat | orchid purple
photo credit neiman marcus

people seem to either really like or really dislike purple.  so, orchid could be considered an individualistic color. 

if you are an interior designer, orchid could seem too reminiscent of 1980's mauve and teal color schemes to become 'the new new thing'.
'the kids are rocking an '80s-comeback thing, but mauve is like the one thing I will never, ever embrace.'
 -jonathan adler, potter, designer, and author

if you really like purple, would you use orchid as an accent color in a neutral interior design scheme?

living room | greenwich CT | interior design by suzanne kastler
photo credit simon upton

or, as the primary color?

bedroom | 2007 kip's bay decorator showhouse | new york NY | interior design by drake design associates
photo credit nick johnson
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