color | emerald green | pantone color of the year

almost a year ago, benjamin moore paints predicted that social media colors, like facebook blue and twitter green, would become some of the most directional colors for 2014. 

click here to read my february 2012 post...

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now, color authority pantone, has named emerald green the color of the year for 2013. 

pantone, a division of x-rite, provides professional color standards for the design industries.


emerald green reminds me of the emerald green and grey dining room, designed by atlanta interior designer kay douglass. 

the dining room was named one of veranda's most memorable rooms for the magazine's 25th anniversary,


emerald green also reminds me of all of the georgian terrace houses with technicolor front doors in dublin, ireland.

my husband, bob, and i toured ireland with his parents while we lived in london.  living in london for five years was such an amazing european travel opportunity!

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now that we live in the san francisco bay area again, emerald green also reminds me of the de young museum in golden gate park, which was designed by swiss architects herzog & de meuron.

herzog & de meuron covered the museum building in copper panels with a perforated pattern that resembles the pattern of the light filtering through the trees.  the panels are developing a green patina that also helps the building blend into the natural environment.


san francisco philanthropist and socialite, dede wilsey, was instrumental in raising more that $190 million in private funding and selecting the architects for the reconstruction of the de young museum, which was damaged during the loma prieta earthquake in 1989.

she is also renowned for her incredible harry winston emerald and diamond jewelry.

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do you associate emerald green with anything incredible?
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art | edmund de waal

i love chinese ceramics, so the opportunity to learn how to throw porcelain (yes, porcelain) pots from one of my favorite potters was an irresistible opportunity.

i first met british potter edmund de waal during a tour of his london studio while i was studying chinese art history at the british museum.

he describes himself as a maker and a writer but, i think that he is also a modern song dynasty ceramicist. 

so, when he taught a ceramics course in conjunction with his porcelain room exhibition at the geffrye museum in london, i signed right up!

the hands on experience was unforgettable, even though the pots that i threw didn't look like this...

ru ware incense burner 
ash grey stoneware with blue grey glaze | henan province, china | northern song dynasty | late 11th-early 12th c
sir percival david collection | british museum | london, united kingdom
photo credit britishmuseum

or, like this...

edmund de waal | porcelain room | 2001
650 thrown porcelain vessels in celadon glazes
first exhibited at the geffrye museum, london united kingdom
photo credits edmund de waal

de waal used shelves, trenches, and ledges of pots to define the structure of the porcelain room.

after the exhibition, he began concentrating on creating installations instead of individual vessels.

doesn't the red I-beam shelf that holds signs and wonders, an installation in the dome of the ceramics galleries at the victoria and albert museum (v&a) in london, seem like a structural element?

edmund de waal | signs and wonders | 2009
425 porcelain vessels in white, celadon, and grey glazes contained in a red aluminium shelf
installation in the dome of the ceramics galleries at the victoria and albert museum | london, united kingdom
photo credits edmund de waal

in america, edmund de waal may be best known as the author of the award winning and bestselling book, the hare with amber eyes...

edmund de waal | the hare with amber eyes | 2010
photo credit books.google.com

...the biography of a collection of 264 netsuke, and the biography of his family.

hare netsuke
ivory with eyes inlaid in amber buffalo horn | signed masatoshi | osaka, japan | circa 1880
photo credit edmund de waal

after writing the hare with amber eyes, de waal began enclosing his installations in vitrines, like the the vitrine that enclosed his family's netsuke collection.

for the contemporary at waddeston exhibition that he curated in 2012, he thought of waddesdon manor, the rothschild's 19th century country house in buckinghamshire, as a vitrine that enclosed his installations along with the waddesdon collection of fine and decorative arts.

edmund de waal | something else, somewhere other | 2012
84 porcelain vessels and bowls in white and celadon glazes contained in two freestanding vitrines
exhibited in the tower drawing room | waddesdon manor | buckinghamshire, united kingdom
photo credit edmund de waal

his current exhibition, edmund de waal:  a thousand hours, at the alan christea gallery in london from 6 october-10 november 2012, uses vitrines of vessels to define space.

de waal perceives the gallery as a vitrine that encloses two cabinets, filled with a collection of 1000 ceramic vessels.  the cabinets not only define space, but also hold time.

'my new exhibition, a thousand hours, has at its heart a meditation on time, both the time it takes to make something, and the time it takes to see something.'
-edmund de waal

edmund de waal | a thousand hours | 2012
1000 thrown porcelain vessels, some glazed in celadon and white, some unglazed, within a pair of aluminium vitrines with transparent and translucent acrylic 
exhibited at alan christea gallery | london, united kingdom
photo credits edmund de waal

how do you display your collections?


edmund de waal | remembering x, i think of y | 2012
48 unglazed porcelain vessels contained in two glass vitrines
exhibited in the archives | waddesdon manor | buckinghamshire, united kingdom
photo credit edmund de waal

or, freestanding?

edmund de waal | a sounding line | 2007
52 porcelain vessels in 5 celadon glazes and 14 thrown porcelain vessels in 5 white glazes
installation in the chose chapel corridor | chatsworth house | north derbyshire, united kingdom
photo credit edmund de waal 
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antiques | 2012 san francisco fall antiques show

san francisco has sports fever.  

the san francisco giants swept the 2012 world series to win their second baseball championship in three years.  

san francisco is also hosting another world series, the america's cup sailing race.  the competition on san francisco bay began with the fleet races in october 2012, and ends with the ac finals in september 2013.

because of all of the excitement about the america's cup, the san francisco fall antiques show chose a nautical theme for 2012. 

photo credit sffas

architect andrew skurman designed a 'sea worthy' entrance to the show, which showcased an exhibition of nautical art and antiques.  many of the exhibitors also highlighted 'sea worthy' objects. 

entrance | 2012 san francisco fall antiques show | designed by andrew skurman
photo credit lisa walsh|innerspace

since i love asian art, the waves in the entrance immediately reminded me of hokusai's the great wave, the famous japanese woodblock print from the series, thirty six views of mount fuji.

do you think that the great wave inspired skurman's design?

waves | entrance to the 2012 san francisco fall antiques show | designed by andrew skurman
photo credit lisa walsh|innerspace 

hokusai | under the wave, off kanagawa from thirty six views off mount fuji | japanese woodblock print | edo period about 1829-33 | the british museum | london, united kingdom
photo credit the british museum

the indigo seas also inspired kathleen taylor|the lotus collection to exhibit a 'sea worthy' collection of indigo textiles from japan, africa, and persia.

did you know that indigo dye doesn't turn blue until it oxidizes?  i didn't.

unlike most vegetable dyes that use a mordant (metallic salt) to affix the dye to the fabric, indigo dye uses a chemical reaction.  first, indigo leaves are fermented in a vat, which reduces the indigo into a solution.  then, the fabric is submerged into the vat without exposing the solution to oxygen. when the fabric is removed from the vat, the indigo dye oxidizes as it dries, which affixes the dye to the fabric.  during this process, the indigo dye reduces from blue to yellow, then oxidizes from yellow to green to blue.

kathleen taylor|the lotus collection | indigo seas exhibition | 2012 san francisco fall antiques show
photo credit lisa walsh|innerspace

taisho period (1912-1926) japanese indigo dyed cotton wrapping cloth (furoshiki)
mid 20th century african (mali) indigo dyed cotton panel
19th century northwest persian cotton cover (jajim) with indigo stripes

kaleidoscopic, don't you think?

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art | frieze masters 2012

jux·ta·po·si·tion noun
the act or an instance of placing two or more things side by side

helly nahmad gallery | frieze masters | 11-14 october 2012 | london UK
photo credit elisabeth blanchet

joan miro | the sorrowful march guided by the flamboyant bird of the desert | painting | 1968
photo credit elisabeth blanchet
alexander calder | rouge triomphant | mobile | 1959-1963

described as the most outstanding stand at frieze masters 2012.
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trends | are stainless steel kitchen appliances passe?

'after stainless, now what?', an article by ellen byron in the 5 september 2012 wall street journal, suggests that stainless steel kitchen appliances are becoming passe.

so, appliance manufacturers are introducing new finishes as an alternative to stainless steel.

could this be an attempt to increase sales, which have declined along with the housing market?  or, to increase profits by offsetting manufacturer discounts?

stainless steel, considered the premium kitchen appliance finish for 25 years, generates 35% of all appliance sales.

usually, consumers only purchase new kitchen appliances when they are building a house, remodeling their kitchen, or replacing a broken appliance.  since they don't purchase new appliances very often, consumers often mix and match appliance brands.

if you were purchasing new kitchen appliances, which finish would you choose?

white ice or whiteblack ice or black?  or, stainless steel?

new | 2012
whirlpool | ice collection | white ice

new | 2012
whirlpool | ice collection | black ice
photo credits whirlpool and whirlpool

high gloss white, high gloss black, slate gray?  or, stainless steel?


new | 2012
ge | profile collection | slate gray
photo credits ge appliances and general electric

floating glass white, floating glass black, oiled bronze?  or, stainless steel?


new | 2007
jenn air | oiled bronze
photo credits jenn air and kitchenandresidentialdesign.com

viking range offers stainless steel plus 23 other finishes.

'i'd say 80% of our sales are still stainless steel.'
brent bailey, design director, viking range corporation 

viking range | professional series | stainless steel
kitchen | sleepy hollow, VA | interior design by doug deluca
photo credit viking range

viking range | color finishes
photo credit viking range

'i could add another 100 colors and the percentage wouldn't change much.'
brent bailey, design director, viking range corporation

do you think that stainless steel kitchen appliances are a cliche?  or, a classic?
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