color | honeysuckle pink | pantone color of the year

color authority, pantone, named honeysuckle pink the color of the year for 2011.  pantone provides professional color standards for the design industries.

honeysuckle pink
pantone color of the year for 2011 
photos by pantone.com

according to tom mirabile, head of global trends and design at lifetime brands inc., a kitchen products company, honeysuckle pink is '...a very 'mad men' pink...it's like the lipstick our mothers wore...there's a retro aspect to it that's going to be very popular.'

mad men | don and rachel | 1960's costumes by janie bryant
photo by carin baer

red tones have been the pantone color of the year for five out of the last twelve years.  and, for four out of the last twelve years, the pantone color of the year has alternated between reds and greens.

considering the repetition, pantone's criteria for choosing the color of the year could be more commercial than directional or evolutionary.

in addition, spring 2011 merchandise is already in production.  so, the pantone color of the year could influence marketing and merchandising more than product development.

pantone colors of the year for 2000-2010
2000 cerulean blue 2001 fuchsia rose 2002 true red 2003 aqua sky 2004 tigerlily 2005 blue turquoise 2006 sand dollar 2007 chili pepper 2008 blue iris 2009 mimosa 2010 turquoise
photo by wsj.com

pink is a marketable color for many design industries, but it may not be the most commercial color for the interior design industry.

interior designers whose signature is their bold use of color have created pink rooms.  new york interior designer jamie drake created a widely publicized pink bedroom for the 2007 kips bay decorator show house.

pink bedroom | 2007 kips bay decorator show house | drake design associates | new york NY
photo by nick johnson

and, interior designer miles redd created a pink and red living room for his new york town house that has also attracted much media attention.

pink and red living room | miles redd | new york NY

even san francisco interior designer jay jeffers, who is better known for subtle, luxurious details than for the use of bold colors, painted the walls in his edwardian home coral and accented the design scheme with pink furniture and accessories.

coral and pink living room | jeffers design group | san francisco CA
photo by grey crawford

but, interior designers more frequently use bright colors to accent neutral color schemes.  ned marshall accented the rich chocolate and warm limestone entry hall of a new orleans home with a pink settee.

pink settee | entry hall | ned marshall | new orleans LA

and, pink pillows, along with the palest pink window coverings, energize the white on white sunroom, designed by melanie turner for the 2010 atlanta decorators' showhouse.


pink pillows and window coverings | sunroom | 2010 atlanta decorators' show house | turner davis interiors | atlanta GA

'the new hue for 2011', a 9 december 2010 wall street journal article, quoted interior and housewares designer jonathan adler, whose 2011 collections feature pink.  even though he supposedly doesn't follow design trends, he thinks that 'there's an innate optimism to pink.' 

large kaleidescope pillow in pink | jonathan adler
photos by jonathan adler.com

color psychologist leatrice eiseman, executive director of the pantone color institute, describes honeysuckle pink as a color 'to lift our spirits'.  so, feeling optimistic about 2011 could be one reason that pantone named honeysuckle pink the color of the year. 

does pink make you feel optimistic?
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events | diffa's dining by design

you can tell that a restaurant is good if it's always crowded.  so, at the november 17th preview party at DIFFA'S DINING BY DESIGN 2010 san francisco, the crowd gathered around some of the best tables.  

the la cage aux folles table, hosted by tibotec therapeutics, transformed dining into a performance art.  so of course, the performance artist, perched like an exotic bird in the center of the caged table, attracted quite an audience.

photo by innerspace

two 'exotic bird handlers', aka table designers steven miller and paul benson, choreographed the show.

photo by innerspace

photo by innerspace

but, even this exceptional enclosure couldn't contain the exotic bird for the entire evening.

photo by innerspace

no one could resist 'sitting around the campfire' on sheepskin 'rugs' inside the tepee designed by gensler and haworth for the table that they co-hosted.

photo by innerspace

the positive health program at UCSF inspired the 'skin' of recycled slides covering the enclosure.  the backlit photographs recall the comfort, warmth, and security of shared moments with friends and family.

photo by innerspace

photo by innerspace

the cluster of glass vessels on the table created a 'fiery' centerpiece.  what a warm welcome!

photo by innerspace

a dining womb?  many enjoyed a relaxing moment seated in the hollow structure, designed by john lum architecture for the hosts, 7x7 and california home + design magazines.

photo by innerspace

the dining womb, including the integrated table and benches, was constructed of 2 foot long cardboard modules.  yes, cardboard!  1100 recyclable cardboard fins, secured by plywood combs.

photo by innerspace

photo by innerspace

the ultimate sustainable dining room!

photo by innerspace

and, for the ultimate dessert?  just stroll by the patisserie, designed by kriste michelini interiors for the NBC bay area table, to peek at the confections in the windows.

photo by innerspace

just like pierre marcolini in brussels?  or, perhaps pierre herme in paris?

photo by innerspace

photo by innerspace

talk about sweet endings!

photo by innerspace

what are your most memorable dining experiences?
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thank you | decorati.com

thanks for choosing innerspace as one of the lucky winners of a pair of tickets to the november 17th preview party at DIFFA'S DINING BY DESIGN 2010 san francisco!

table hosted and designed by kravet | DIFFA'S DINING BY DESIGN 2010 new york
photo by decorati.com

see you there!
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asian art | treasures in the attic

found in the attic of their family home near london,
and sold for $69.5 million,
the highest price ever paid for any chinese work of art at auction.

sold for $69.5 million 
a superb and very rare yang cai reticulated double-walled vase with six character mark in underglaze blue of qianlong and of the period
bainbridges | west ruslip, middlesex, UK | 11 november 2010 | lot 800 
photos by bainbridges

click here and here and here and here for more information... 

what treasures could be hidden in your attic?
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interior design | AKDO tile | ELLE DECOR showhouse

on november 10th, AKDO tile hosted an exclusive cocktail reception at the the 2010 ELLE DECOR showhouse, 
located in st. francis wood, a historic san francisco neighborhood.

many thanks to AKDO for the invitation!
the 2010 ELLE DECOR showhouse
300 st. francis boulevard | san francisco, CA 94127 | 6-21 november
sketch by ELLE DECOR

AKDO, a preferred partner of the showhouse, manufacturers some of the most beautiful quality stone mosaics and tile, often in unusual sizes, shapes, or patterns.  with so many ensuite bathrooms, the showhouse is a perfect showcase for AKDO.  even the laundry room backsplash showcases AKDO mosaic tile!

AKDO | polished thassos and ming green marble | imperial mosaic tile
click here to see the laundry room backsplash
photo by AKDO

eleven bay area interior designers, selected by ELLE DECOR, let the materials speak, creating a visual dialog between rooms.  in the library bathroom, designed by will wick, a wall of onyx and marble tile, in a black, white, and honey harlequin pattern, makes a bold statement.

library bathroom designed by will wick   
shower wall
AKDO | polished onyx and marble | 12"x12" field tiles | fabricated into a harlequin pattern
photo by katiedid

on the walls and floor, understated calacatta marble mosaic tiles modulate the exaggerated harlequin pattern.

library bathroom designed by will wick     
walls | floor
AKDO | polished calacatta marble | .375"x.375" mosaic tile
photo by AKDO

the dialogue between black and white design elements continues in the library.  the ebony enameled bookshelves, black enameled ceiling, and dark hardwood floor make a unified statement without enclosing the space.  the ivory walls, ivory window coverings, and blond sisal carpeting balance the ebony envelope.  the silhouettes of the off white furnishings and accessories, plus the patterns of the black and white works of art and the zebra skin rug punctuate the space. 

library designed by will wick

but, the marbleized fromenthal wallpaper covering the wet bar sliding doors completes the conversation between materials.

library designed by will wick
fromenthal wallpaper covering the wet bar sliding doors
photo by katiedid

fromenthal wallpaper | gypsum | marlin
photo by fromenthal

in the master bedroom suite, designed by jay jeffers, nothing is lost in translation.  instead of tile from AKDO, the bathroom features tile from ann sacks, another showhouse sponsor.  a wall of pietra dura tile, in a gothic tracery pattern of grey, taupe, and white marble, determines the design vocabulary for the master bathroom.

master bathroom designed by jay jeffers
ann sacks | honed marble | custom pietra dura tile

stacked mosaic tiles in athens grey marble cover the shower, tub face, and floor.

master bathroom designed by jay jeffers
shower | tub face | floor
ann sacks | athens grey marble | .5"x3.0" stacked mosaic tile
photo by ann sacks

willem racke studio reiterated the linear mocha ribbons of the athens grey marble on the plastered and hand painted walls and ceiling.  a masterful interpretation!

master bathroom designed by jay jeffers
walls | ceiling
plastered and hand painted by willem racke studio
 photo by simplified bee

in the master bedroom, a parchment secretaire cabinet, designed by samuel marx, repeats the strie pattern.

master bedroom designed by jay jeffers
parchment secretaire cabinet designed by samuel marx from modern one | los angeles
photo by modern one

as does the grey marble fireplace.  the ottoman in front of the fireplace is upholstered in custom appliqued and embroidered fabric by holland & sherry, a direct translation of the tracery pattern.  even the silhouettes of the handles on the swedish biedermeier stools at the foot of the bed recall the gothic design.

master bedroom designed by jay jeffers
custom appliqued and embroidered fabric by holland & sherry on ottoman 
swedish biedermeier stools from sevnska mobler | los angeles

but, the story isn't over yet!  willem racke studio hand painted the ceiling of the bedroom in a tonal neoclassical design, inspired by 18th century scottish architect robert adam.  but, you need to read between the lines to understand the poetry!  the central medallion of the octagonal grid pattern mirrors the shadows cast by the eight-arm chandelier.  and, the running chain pattern on the octagonal banding alludes to decorative molding.  

master bedroom designed by jay jeffers
hand painted ceiling in a neoclassical design by willem racke studio
photo by casasugar

on the sheer window coverings, the octagonal burn out pattern references both the ceiling and the tile patterns.

master bedroom designed by jay jeffers 
sheer window coverings by jim thompson
photo by sfwire

who could ask for closer connections between design elements
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antiques | outstanding exhibits | san francisco fall antiques show

some of the outstanding exhibits from the 2010 san francisco fall antiques show...

overdressed?  probably...  
and, dripping in jewels?  definitely...  
and, perched on a pedestal?  only front row seats will do...

with a bombe figure, sheathed in parchment paint, and bejeweled with parcel-gilt floral and foliate carving, this german commode, sold by therien & co., could not be described as understated.  sensuous, yes.  minimalist, no.  but...hello gorgeous!

hello, gorgeous!
therien & co. | san francisco and los angeles, CA
german rococo painted and parcel gilt commode in the manner of johann michael hoppenhaupt | pottsdam, circa 1750-1760
photo by innerspace

their magnetic personality drew you in from across the room...
the animated antique american flags displayed in the corner stand of jeff r. bridgman american antiques...
an affordable alternative to the jasper johns flag painting, from the collection of michael crichton, sold by christie's new york on 11 may 2010 for $28.6 million!

magnetic personality
antique american flags, folk art, and painted furniture
photo by innerspace

dreamiing of going on vacation?
maybe to europe?
wine tasting in bordeaux, burgundy, or champagne?
a five-star hotel in paris?
or, a villa in provence?
why not just escape to galerie steinitz?  the antique boiseries paneling immediately transports you to a french country chateaux, filled with the finest of european furnishings. tres elegant!

en vacances?
galerie steinitz | paris, france
antique boiseries paneling
photo by innerspace

a coromandel screen diagonally divides the stand...
and behind it?
perhaps a private screening room?

screening room?
therien & co. | san francisco and los angeles, CA
a coromandel screen diagonally divides the stand
photo by innerspace
no...a secluded grotto!
way glam!

therien & co. | san francisco and los angeles, CA
a secluded grotto behind the coromandel screen
photo by innerspace 

how do you define glamorous design?
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