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some of the outstanding exhibits from the 2010 san francisco fall antiques show...

overdressed?  probably...  
and, dripping in jewels?  definitely...  
and, perched on a pedestal?  only front row seats will do...

with a bombe figure, sheathed in parchment paint, and bejeweled with parcel-gilt floral and foliate carving, this german commode, sold by therien & co., could not be described as understated.  sensuous, yes.  minimalist, no.  but...hello gorgeous!

hello, gorgeous!
therien & co. | san francisco and los angeles, CA
german rococo painted and parcel gilt commode in the manner of johann michael hoppenhaupt | pottsdam, circa 1750-1760
photo by innerspace

their magnetic personality drew you in from across the room...
the animated antique american flags displayed in the corner stand of jeff r. bridgman american antiques...
an affordable alternative to the jasper johns flag painting, from the collection of michael crichton, sold by christie's new york on 11 may 2010 for $28.6 million!

magnetic personality
antique american flags, folk art, and painted furniture
photo by innerspace

dreamiing of going on vacation?
maybe to europe?
wine tasting in bordeaux, burgundy, or champagne?
a five-star hotel in paris?
or, a villa in provence?
why not just escape to galerie steinitz?  the antique boiseries paneling immediately transports you to a french country chateaux, filled with the finest of european furnishings. tres elegant!

en vacances?
galerie steinitz | paris, france
antique boiseries paneling
photo by innerspace

a coromandel screen diagonally divides the stand...
and behind it?
perhaps a private screening room?

screening room?
therien & co. | san francisco and los angeles, CA
a coromandel screen diagonally divides the stand
photo by innerspace
no...a secluded grotto!
way glam!

therien & co. | san francisco and los angeles, CA
a secluded grotto behind the coromandel screen
photo by innerspace 

how do you define glamorous design?
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