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want to meet some more icons of the interior design industry?

at design san francisco 2010, all you needed to do was socialize with the guest speakers---renowned interior designers, furniture designers, and textile designers---at the product launches, and receptions that followed their presentations!

during his presentation 'doing it right: 21st century style', furniture designer dakota jackson explored how, by redefining early 20th century modernism, which he considers the base of 21st century design, he invents new products for today's environment. his furniture including, calypso, his latest collection, is available at the de sousa hughes showroom. 

'i design each piece considering the awkward moment between indecision and acceptance.'
-dakota jackson

photo by facebook.com

dakota jackson | calypso side chair

dakota jackson | doubleback chair
photos by dakota jackson

dakota jackson | [the iconic] library armchair
photo by dakota jackson 
mark boone's presentation 'change comes naturally---organic forms take hold on the california coast', showcased homes in big sur, CA and la jolla, CA that london boone, his interior design partnership, transformed into organic, oceanfront oases.  both projects feature custom furniture, as well as furniture from mimi london, the furniture line that was founded by his partner and is available at the sloan miyasato showroom. 

'much of what mimi [london] and i do is either organic or naturally inspired.'
-mark boone

photo by mary e. nichols

mark boone | living room
photo by mary e. nichols

mimi london | favorite lounge chair
photo by decorati.com

mark boone | living room
photo by mary e. nichols

mimi london | canyon cocktail tables
photo by decorati.com

during his presentation about 'thoughtful design: evolution vs. revolution', interior designer terry hunziker discussed the importance of design as a long term investment, using past and present images of his projects to show how, even with periodic changes, good design has longevity.  often, his projects feature custom furniture that inspires his furniture designs for sutherland, available at the shears & window showroom. 

'it's not about a lot of change---it's about getting it right the first time!'
-terry hunziker

photo by sutherland

terry hunziker | living room | then and now
photos by innerspace

terry hunziker | living room
photo by erhard pfeiffer

terry hunziker | sutherland | hugo lounge chair and ottoman
photo by sutherland

interior designer suzanne tucker, a protege of michael taylor, recently published her first book, rooms to remember.  during her presentation 'everything old is new again' at shears & window, she introduced suzanne tucker home, her new textile collection that was inspired 18th and 19th century documentary textiles and reinterpreted for contemporary interiors.

'we are always looking for something that's going to make a room sing in a different way...'
-suzanne tucker 

photo by amazon.com

suzanne tucker home | aurora | olive

suzanne tucker home | fleur de plume | nutmeg

suzanne tucker home | grenade | godiva

what's your style?  modern or natural, timeless or traditional?
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