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you might think of art basel as an art, party, or fashion scene, but at art basel miami beach 2011, the satellite exhibitions and the public spaces were interactive and happening.
if you were hungry, you could visit incubation, the annual breakfast installation at the rubell family collection.
incubation continued new york artist jennifer rubell's exploration of the creative process through audience participation.

artist jennifer rubell | incubation | art basel miami beach 2011 | rubell family collection
photo by nowness

first, you picked up a jar of plain yogurt from the counter of the on-site yogurt lab.

photo by experiment station

then, you flavored your yogurt by holding the jar up to a ceiling dispenser that dripped honey. 

photo by innerspace

photo by t magazine

photo by the atlantic

finally, you consumed your creation!

people were also consuming the fruit from banana market/art market, a volkswagen van filled with ripened bananas that brazilian artist paulo nazareth installed in the art positions section at art basel. 
banana market/art market | paolo nazareth | art basel miami beach 2011
 photo by the atlantic

if a rusty, green vw van just isn't your favorite form of transportation, then maybe a concept vehicle is more your style.

architecting the future: buckminster fuller & lord norman foster, a design miami satellite exhibition, featured two of buckminster fuller's inventions:  the dymaxion car, an omnidirectional transport system designed in 1933, and the fly's eye dome, a geodesic dome designed in 1961. 

dymaxion car | buckminster fuller | architecting the future | design miami 2011
fly's eye dome | buckminster fuller | architecting the future | design miami 2011 | craig robins collection
photo by innerspace

two shipping containers installed on a vacant lot in the miami design district housed the exhibition.
architecting the future | exhibition installed in two shipping containers | design miami 2011
photo by innerspace

miami collector craig robins plans to reinstall the fly's eye dome in a new pedestrian plaza in the design district. 

in the art video pedestrian plaza at art basel, five viewing pods contained monitors that screened videos and films by international artists.  

viewing pods | art video section | art basel miami beach 2011
photo by innerspace

for three evenings, the films were also screened at soundscape park, the 7000 square foot outdoor projection wall at the new world center, which was designed by architect frank gehry.

but, the indoor park in the art positions section at art basel was the most popular pedestrian plaza.
indoor park | art positions section | art basel miami beach 2011
photo by the atlantic

the indoor park reminded me of green park in london...

green park | london, united kingdom
photo by wikimedia commons

or, a sunday on la grande jatte, the famous impressionist painting by georges seurat.
a sunday on la grande jatte | georges seurat | 1884 | the art institute of chicago

which do you prefer, public or private exhibition spaces?
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