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in admiration of jane packer (1959-2011)

jane packer is one of my favorite florists in london.  i just love their simple, contemporary style...

jane packer's styling suggestions
use four or fewer types of flowers in an arrangement
choose flowers in monochromatic or tonal colors
choose flowers with complimentary textures
arrange the flowers by clustering each type of flower together
photo credit jane packer

and, i also love how they artfully choose containers that compliment the color, and texture, and composition...

hall table with sweet peas, zinnias, dahlias, and peonies clustered in vases of different sizes, shapes, and heights
jane packer | at home with flowers | page 18
photo credit catherine gratwicke

i really wish that i would have taken a course at jane packer's flower school while we lived in london.  their shop in marylebone is only a few blocks away from the flat where my husband, bob, and i lived for five years.

jane packer | 32-34 new cavendish street | london united kingdom | W1G 8UE
photo credit jane packer

so now, i'm settling for the next best thing by acquiring some of jane packer's floral design books.

photo credits catherine gratwicke 

on friday, i made an early morning orchid run to the san francisco flower mart.  in addition to the orchids for one of my interior design projects, i couldn't resist purchasing the materials to create a jane packer bouquet.
jane packer | jane packer flowers design philosophy | pages 52-53
photo credits catherine gratwicke 

even though it requires some assembly to measure, cut, and tie them together with raffia...

photo credit lisa walsh | innerspace

...bundling the tulips and branches together makes it much easier to arrange the flowers in the container.  the pussy willow branches also help to support the tulips, which continue to grow after they have been cut. 

photo credit lisa walsh | innerspace 

to extend the life of the bouquet, jane packer suggests cutting the stems on the diagonal, then changing the water and misting the flowers every day.

i hope that misting the flowers really does help the bouquet to last longer!
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