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'designers say: more chintz, less cool', a 4 january 2012 wall street journal article by william l. hamilton, predicts that chintz is making a comeback.

-a cotton or linen furnishing fabric of floral pattern stained with fast colors
-originally only referred to color fast, light weight, cotton fabrics made in india for export to england
-related to a sanskrit word meaning colored or spotted
victoria & albert museum (v&a) | london, united kingdom 

1 painted and dyed cotton chintz hanging | india | circa 1700 | v&a | london

chintz was last popular during the 1980's.

during the 1980's, new york interior designer mario buatta used chintz in his projects so often, that he was nicknamed 'the prince of chintz'.

2 living room | palm beach FL | interior design by mario buatta 'the prince of chintz' | photo credit scott frances

but now, is chintz so 'out' that it's 'in'?

some interior designers think so.

during the season two finale of bravo tv show, million dollar decorators, los angeles interior designers mary mcdonald and nathan turner discuss how to redecorate her kitchen...

mm  'here's my other thing...  i kind of want to go back to flowers.'
nt  'yes!  do you know what i think that needs to come back?'
mm  'flowers?'
nt  'chintz!  but, then do your modern twist on it...  i think that that would be so chic...  people forget that what's traditional is actually tasteful...'


how would you put a modern twist on chintz?

if you were an interior designer, would you use a traditional fabric to upholster a modern sofa?

3 living room | notting hill|london | interior design by homeowner | photo credit domus nova

if you were a fabric manufacturer, would you update chintz by printing it on linen, instead of on cotton, to make it feel more relaxed?

linen                                                               cotton
4 lee jofa | chinese peony rose linen chintz | 2009164.731
5 schumacher | salisbury cotton chintz | 115422

or, would you update it by reducing the number of colors in the print to make it look more modern?

less colors                                                      more colors

6 cowtan & tout | longbourn linen chintz | 11178-01 | from the archive project with veranda magazine 
7 randolph alexander | kingsbury cotton chintz | grey

do you think that chintz looks modern, or traditional, or too 1980's?

there's something happening here...

in 'seeking a cool look?  go hide', an article in the off duty section of the 19-20 january 2013 wall street journal, new orleans writer and design consultant, sara ruffin costello, suggests updating chintz by combining it with leather.

'...i have been nurturing a crush on flowery chintz lately and had a settee covered in a cheery pink-and-blue hydrangea brunschwig fabric.  everything i tried on the two armchairs adjacent was reading too 'nursing home'-the primary reason people have been avoiding chintz for 20 years.  a french friend proposed two 18th-century bergere chairs covered in nutty leather.  that mixed up the party.  both the chintz and the leather made each other look better.' 

chintz                                                            leather
8 brunschwig & fils | vitas garden cotton|linen chintz | br-70479.000
9 edelman leather | napoli leather | cashew n18
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