color | does color reveal personality?

does the color of your home reveal your personality?

according to 'in living color', an august 2013 article by claire watson in 1st dibs.com introspective magazine, it might.

using product for sale on 1st dibs.com, 'in living color' builds eight color schemes based on eight test colors used by the lüscher color diagnostik, a personality test developed by swiss psychologist dr. max lüscher that has been in clinical use since 1947.

dr. lüscher thinks that your personality traits can be identified by your color choices.  not all clinical psychologists agree.

since i designed our home, let's see what the colors might reveal about me.
photo credit 1stdibs.com

i built the color scheme for our home around our red oriental rugs.  i know, i know...  more muted colored rugs are more fashionable right now...  i could redecorate.  but, i probably won't because i remember searching for (and saving for) each one...

 photo credits lisa walsh | innerspace

photo credit 1stdibs.com

since our rugs are colorful and patterned, our upholstery is plain.  i chose natural fiber textiles in subtle textures.  parchment colored linen, chenille, velvet, cashmere, and wool...

photo credits lisa walsh | innerspace

i love walnut furniture, especially english and italian antiques.  i love the warm patina that the wood develops with use over time.

so, our home has brown furniture mixed with vintage 20th century and new furniture in lacquer, leather, gilt iron, and bronze.  the mixture of materials makes our home feel warm, comfortable, and relaxed.

photo credit sven.co.uk

photo credit 1stdibs.com

since some of our furnishings are traditional, i chose contemporary art and minimal accessories to make our home feel modern.

our accessories aren't all modern because i love chinese and japanese blue and white porcelain, and antique textiles.  it must be my asian art and art history background...  but, you can use traditional furnishings in a modern way...

photo credits lisa walsh | innerspace

my husband and i love the location of our home because it has a panoramic view of san francisco bay.  my favorite sunsets are even blue and coral!

photo credit accuweather.com

does red + brown + blue mean that i am self confident, down to earth, and content?  i hope so! 

force of will | eccentric | active aggressive | competitive | action | desire | excitement | sexuality
bodily senses | stability | natural | down to earth
depth of feeling | passive | concentric | tranquility | calm | tenderness
elasticity of will | passive | concentric | defensive | persistence | self esteem | self assertion | pride | control
spontaneity | eccentric | active | projective | aspiring | expectancy | exhilaration
identification | unrealistic | wishful fulfillment | charm | enchantment
nothingness | renunciation | surrender | relinquishment
non-involvement | concealment

what do your color choices reveal about you?
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