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last week was art week in new york.
previewing sculptures for one of my interior design clients...
the art show at the park avenue armory...
the armory show at piers 92 & 94...

at the armory show, marlborough gallery was previewing an upcoming exhibition of 26  porcelain vases by contemporary chinese painter chu teh-chun.

marlborough gallery | new york
march 19-april 19, 2014

chu teh-chun | vase no. 24 | porcelain hand painted by the artist with highlights in gold | 2007-2008
chu teh-chun | marlborough gallery | new york NY | 19 march-19 april 2014
photo credit lisa walsh | innerspace

the vases were a collaboration between chu teh-chun, the manufacture nationale de sevres, and jean-paul desroches, the chief curator of the chinese department at the musee guimet in paris, where the vases were exhibited in 2009.

the vases were produced at the manufacture nationale de sevres from 29 may 2006 to 11 december 2008

all of the vases are oval in form, a classic sevres shape that is reminiscent of chinese blue and white porcelain jars from the yuan dynasty (1271-1368).  they are painted with bleu de sevres cobalt pigment, and highlighted with pure gold paint.

a finely painted blue and white balluster jar, guan | yuan dynasty, mid 14th century | christie's hong kong | 31 may 2010 | sale 2811 | lot 1985
photo credit christie's

will you be in new york during asia week?

march 14-22, 2014
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  1. Wow, I love those vases! Thanks for posting those pictures! I love Chu Teh-Chun. I adore his paintings. Unfortunately he died recently.

    Not too long ago I got my Christie's catalogue in the mail (ASIAN 20TH CENTURY & CONTEMPORARY ART, art auction held in Hong Kong Nov 23 2014). It has some of his most beautiful paintings in it. This is my favorite: I think it's called: The Dawn of Abstract Oil Paintings "Composed" in the Structure of a Still Life.

    What struck me, was what I read in the "lot notes" of this painting. A mention of the Dutch painter Hubert Roestenburg, a German Expressionist. I like his work a lot. Are you familiar with his work? Is he well know in the U.S.? I ask because judging from your website you buy art for your clients. Kind regards, Maria

    1. Hi Maria,
      Thanks for the link to the Chu Teh-Chun painting in the Christie's Hong Kong Asian Contemporary Art catalog. And, for the reference and introduction to the work of Hubert Roestenburg. You're right---I often enjoy helping my clients select art for their homes.
      KInd regards,