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michael wollaeger, the editorial director of one of my favorite shelter publications, interiors magazine, moderated a panel discussion co-hosted by the de sousa hughes showroom during design san francisco at the san francisco design center (sfdc) from february 4-6, 2015. 

 michael wollaeger | editorial director | interiors magazine
interiors magazine | february/march 2015
photo credits facebook | michael wollaeger and interiors magazine

the panelists, all contemporary furnishings designers, included:

 ted boerner | ted boerner, inc. | san francisco, CA
photo credit sellinginteriordesign.com 

 deirdre jordan | troscan design + furnishings | chicago, IL
photo credit chicagobusiness.com

mark albrecht | mark albrecht studio | new york, NY
photo credit michael appleton | new york times

 james magni | magni home collection | los angeles, CA
photo credit (c) james magni | amazon.com

here's the gist of the conversation...

michael wollaeger:
Q how are you influenced by design trends?

A:  not at all!  

     my furniture designs reflect:
     ted boerner:  my [creative] voice
     deirdre jordan:  authenticity
     mark albrecht:  circumstance and context
     james magni:  my design philosophy

      it's about:
     james magni:  hand craftsmanship and quality
deirdre jordan:  'the story'
clients want to 'meet the maker'
it's like 'farm to table' furniture
mark albrecht:  'handmade' is both branding and marketing

ted boerner | thicket oval coffee table
photo credit de sousa hughes

magni home collection | colette table
photo credit magni home collection

michael wollaeger
Qis design international?

Ayes, and no.

deirdre jordan:  design is about the material, the process, and the craft
like in japan or the nordic countries
mark albrecht:  design is about scale
in paris, i feel like a spot...
in new york, i feel like a speck!
ted boerner:  excitement for design is international
like at the salone internazionale del mobile, [the annual furniture fair] in milan, italy
james magni:  i think that design is regional

troscan | tara coffee table
photo credit troscan design + furnishings

magni home collection | jewel side table
photo credit designawards.wordpress.com

michael wollaeger:
Qis customization important?

Avery important

deirdre jordan:  custom furnishings are design problems to solve
mark albrecht:  custom furnishings combine challenge, context, and editing 
i'm okay leaving my comfort zone
but sometimes, a client's requests are not a good fit [for my design studio]
james magni:  we design interiors, and our product line, plus custom furnishings
ted boerner:  sometimes, custom furnishings become line extensions

troscan | edmund credenza
photo credit troscan design + furnishings

mark albrecht studio | hardwood credenza
photo credit mark albrecht studio

michael wollaeger:
Qhow does culture inform design?

Ait does, and it doesn't.

james magni:  art influences design 
first, art influences architecture
then, fashion
and finally, design
ted boerner:  i look at how people engage with each other
and, how i can enhance their interaction
mark albrecht:  i look at everything!
deirdre jordan:  design is about solving problems
i look at materials and processes [instead of culture]
what a material might or can do
how to bring out the best qualities of a material

mark albrecht studio | lounge chair
photo credit mark albrecht studio

ted boerner | lex club chair
michael wollaeger:
Qhow does the internet, digital media, and social media influence your designs?

Anot very much.

mark albrecht:  it's overwelming!
but, i email cellphone photos
deirdre jordan:  there's too much information
but, i have a [private] pinterest board
james magni:  i'm not very involved
but, my team is involved
ted boerner:  i create my own screens

troscan | helene dining table

mark albrecht studio | wood dining table
photo credit mark albrecht studio

michael wollaeger:
Qwho or what in the design world do you like or dislike?

Awe like innovators.

ted boerneri like [spanish artist-designer] jaime hayon
deirdre jordani like [lighting designer] jonathan browning
mark albrechti like electric cars
james magnii like designers vs. retailers

magni home collection | jewel II dining table
photo credit magni home collection

mark albrecht studio | eclipse light | steel dining table | side chairs
photo credit mark albrecht studio

are you an innovator?
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