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followed by midnight in paris, the new woody allen film.
(a rare occurrence for my husband, bob, who prefers live entertainment...)

surprisingly, the art exhibit and the film are related.
appearing at:
sfmoma | san francisco, CA | may 21-september 6, 2011
grand palais | paris, france | october 3, 2011-january 20, 2012
metropolitan museum of art | new york, NY | february 21-june 3, 2012
photo by sfmoma

the steins collect reunites approximately 200 paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, and illustrated books collected by writer gertrude stein (1874-1946) and her family in paris during the early 20th century.  the steins became important patrons of avant-garde artists, particularly henri matisse (1869-1954) and pablo picasso (1881-1973).  

the steins were known for their saturday evening salons, where artists, writers, musicians, intellectuals, and collectors gathered to discuss contemporary art, culture, and ideas.  the stein salons have even been described as 'the first museum of modern art'!

midnight in paris transports you to the stein salons in paris during the 1920's.

in one scene, gertrude stein (played by kathy bates), is seated in the salon of her residence at 27 rue des fleures in front of the picasso portrait of gertrude stein from the exhibition.

stein and picasso (played by argentinian actor, marical di fonzo bo) are discussing a (faux) portrait of picasso's (fictional) mistress, adriana (played by marion cotillard).

kathy bates as gertrude stein | midnight in paris

pablo picasso | gertrude stein | oil on canvas | 1905-1906
metropolitan museum of art | new york, NY
photo by metmuseum.org

man ray | gertrude stein in her salon writing | black and white photograph | 1920
beinecke library | yale university | new haven, CT

in another scene, stein and matisse (played by french actor, yves-antoine spoto) are negotiating the purchase of a painting.  for 500 francs!

henri matisse | woman with a hat | oil on canvas | 1905
sfmoma | san francisco, CA
photo by ben blackwell

the midnight in paris cast of characters also includes gertrude stein's brother, leo stein (1872-1947), her partner, alice b. toklas (1877-1967) (who answers the front door), and other avant-garde artists, writers, or musicians who could have frequented the stein salons in paris during the 1920's.

cameo appearances include:

salvatore dali (played by adrien brody)

man ray (played by tom cordier)
ernest hemingway (played by corey stoll)
f. scott (and zelda) fitzgerald (played by tom hiddleston and alison pill)
t.s. eliott (played by david lowe)
luis bunuel (played by adrien de van)
and, musician
cole porter (played by yves heck) 

the chronology isn't always art historically accurate.  but, midnight in paris is a woody allen film, so being in the right place, doing the right thing, at the wrong time just becomes part of the fantasy.

maybe you will enjoy this unexpected combination of art and entertainment as much as we did!
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