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maggie smith is one of my favorite actresses.

so, i am looking forward to season two of downton abbey, which begins on sunday, january 8th.

the cast of downton abbey
left to right:  joann froggatt, michelle dockery, laura carmichael, jessica brown findlay, elizabeth mcgovern, hugh bonneville, jim carter, penelope wilton, maggie smith, iain glen, zoe boyle, allen leech, david robb, and dan stevens
photo by vanity fair

my husband, bob, and i fell in love with maggie smith during her 2000 performance in alan bennett's play, the lady in the van. she starred as miss shepherd, the lady in the van, who spent the night on bennett's driveway in her broken down mini van---and stayed for two decades!

according to vanity fair magazine, julian fellowes, who created downton abbey, wrote the part of violet, dowager countess of grantham, especially for her.

maggie smith
violet, dowager countess of grantham
photo by pbs 

according to the wall street journal, she will be featured in more scenes during season two, because no one can deliver a one-liner quite like maggie smith!

'why does every day involve a fight with an american?'

'in these moments, you can normally find an italian who isn't too picky!'

'what is a weekend?'

i know that during the next seven weekends, we'll be watching maggie smith on downton abbey...

downton abbey | season two
masterpiece classic | pbs
sunday, january 8 - sunday, february 19th
9:00 pm

will you be watching, too?
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